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Lady With The Camera

"Here she is... The important person for today. The camerawoman."

I used to think that I was good at taking pictures. So I shamelessly volunteered as the one in charge of taking photos for Care2Run's event. Though before attending the event, I thought I will just take simple pictures of people here and there. As I reached the event place, little did I know,  I was wrong. The word KL Bar Run 2018 was displayed at the main bunting and I was shocked. Am I suppose to take pictures of the Care2Run children's running? Mind you, I was only using my sister's camera - Samsung NX300. Not with any fancy fabulous lenses. I barely have any experience taking pictures during any big event at all. All this while, I've been taking pictures of sceneries and static things only. Oh dear. 

My mind went blank.

I comforted myself saying that, no worries. Let's just focus and capture whatever emotions in the event will be. Although this will be my first big photography event, I ne…
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Follow the Light.

The light was always there,
full with His sustenance,
bestowing His favours,
showering our desires,
benevolently waiting for us,
to turn back to Him,
and yet we ignore His signs.

The light was always there,
but we choose to rebel,
guiltless for wanting more,
relinquishing others to be good,
constantly simulating the wicked,
falling short on deeds,
and we evolved to be ingrate beings.

The light was always there,
forgive us, God!
for the betrayal,
for the injustice of amanah,
for the unending sins,
we wandered blithely with the time You gave,
and still not blaze us with Your wrath.

The light will always be there,
He will always forgive,
Only if, we follow the light.

Liyana Yamin,
4.41 a.m.
16th rabiulawal 1439.

Growing Up in 2017.

It is finally the end of the year. Looking back on my one year journey, it has been one great year. It is fascinating to see the growth in experience, achievements and love surrounding me. I was reflecting a lot on what have I done and have not done. I believe that everyone is given a fair chance by God to experience life gradually. As I was watching Aida Azlin's video, I decided to answer her top 10 questions for a review of my own 2017.

1. Name three words that best describe 2017?

Courage. Love. Blessed.
I have been more courageous to chase my dreams.
I am loved by many.
Blessed with Allah's help and opportunities.

2. The biggest lesson you've learned this year.

To always believe in yourself and not get influenced by anyone after making a decision.

3. The biggest change I made this year.

Becoming fitter? A better version of myself. A transition from the chubby girl that use to hate jogging but now she can jog effortlessly (that was a little exaggerated, I meant I jogged wi…

Water for Life.

Where have you been dumping your waste all this while?

Why must we care for our river?

Name one animal that does need water?

Do you know your river address?

These were some of the emerging questions I wrote down during the Training of Trainers (TOT) River Rangers I attended last month organised by Global Environment Center for the River of Life: Public Outreach Program phase 5. The TOT was done within two full intense days. Interestingly, it was so much fun meeting new people, and was taught both theory and practically. Site visits at river treatment plant at Sentul and sewage treatment plant at Bandar Tun Razak was eye opening to me.  

It is a sad fact that most of us use so much of our resources up that we don't even care to think about the after effect. Have you ever thought that everything we use needs water for the making of it? For instance, food - needs water. Crops and vegetables - needs water. Clothes - needs water for that too. So imagine if there is no water, will we be…