See the colours of the world.

Busy. Everyone is always busy in their own world. Children goes to school, with homeworks that needs to be done. Teenagers, with their highschool and social lives. University students with their endless assignments. As we grow older, we work and people seems to be so attached to their work and with so many responsibilities in the way. The list to be a busy person will never end. 

Despite with all the works and responsibilities that we need to do, have you ever take some time to see the colours of the world ? Why don't we go out and take a walk in your own garden and see the creation of our Lord (Allah s.w.t). Or perhaps, if you barely have a plant in your own garden, take a walk at your nearby park. Today, as I was walking around my garden just now in the evening, I played with my cats. And later on I observed the plants and subhanallah, I came across a fern tree. The detail beneath the fern tree is amazing!  The observation of every tiny dots (spores) makes me feel as if  I was in a different kind of world.

 The uniqueness in the fern tree is really something we should ponder for a moment. Every creation of the Lord is wisdom. No wonder the New Zealand rugby team chose their team symbol initiated from a fern leaf! The "All Black" team. 

We should really take some time to appreciate the creations of the Almighty.  So, think back! Have you done your part as a true muslim? There's a saying:

If we pursue hereafter, the world will follow, if we pursue the world, the hereafter will leave us

We must not seek the Almighty when we are in need but we must always remember Him everyday and everytime. Let's all do our own self-reflection. We can start slowly by starting to make our daily routine as an 'ibadah, and not to forget our main purpose in life is : Seeking Mardhotillah as our ultimate goal!

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