10 Things to do : To MAINTAIN positive attitude.

My dad shared me some tips. And I'm glad that I can share it with everyone in this blog. Do your best in maintaining a positive attitude!

1. Read positive and inspiring and books.
There are a lot of books that you can gain knowledge from. You can get them from the nearest bookstore or library. As easy as a piece of cake.

2. Listen to pod casts (a radio programme that is stored in a digital) and CDs.

3. Wake up early.
As a Muslim, as you wake up early from 5 a.m onwards you can already start your qiamullail. You'll feel fresh and much more energetic that usual.

4. Exercise.
Do it at least three times a week and 20 minutes each session. You can also do gardening or do the house chores as a replacement if you can't manage an exercise session.

5. Plan your week and day.
By doing this, you can have a better view on your daily routine and not waste your time on unnecessary things.

6. Understand that things won't always go as planned.
Note that you must always expect the unexpected. You might gain bad news or unexpected turn in life. So be prepared for anything!

7. Eat dates (kurma) and Habbatus sauda.
These are good foods for your body in order to maintain a good attitude.

8. Get spiritually connected.
 Always get back to Allah no matter what. We must always get connected to him so that we won't go astray.

9. Be thankful to Allah (syukur).
Always be thankful to whatever you have right now. You must remember that there are more unlucky people than you. So, BE THANKFUL.

10. Surround yourself with positive people
As I've said at the previous post, with who do you mix with you'll eventually be one of them. By surrounding with positive people, inshaAllah you'll also be a positive person.

30 days left for Ramadan. Are we ready to perform our ibadah? Are we going to survive until Ramadhan arrive? Something to reflect about ourselves. And pray for the best.

Liyana Yamin,
29th Rajab 1433.

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