5 excellent tips from the Holy Quran.

1. Have confidence, trust and faith towards Allah.

Sahih International

Certainly will the believers have succeeded [23:1]
Faith and success that was said by Allah s.w.t in the same ayah. Thus, FAITH is the main factor of success. And with HIGH confidence, this will lead to bringing up positive values.

2. Work seriously, with focus and also wholeheartedly.

Sahih International
They who are during their prayer humbly submissive [23:2]

Do one thing at a time. Don't drift away your mind and soul to other places. Do your work wholeheartedly and not just take everything for granted.

3. PRIORITY : Focus on what is more important.

Sahih International
And they who turn away from ill speech [23:3]

As the exam approaches, we are prone to rest and relax our mind with entertainment by watching dramas, chatting on line at Facebook or Twitter, and other things that can distract you.  And as always, we will usually go over the time limit we've set up for our resting time. 

We are suppose to optimise our time for the usage of our study and also for other beneficial work such as helping our parents in completing the house chores, exercise more to ensure our physical being is at a good state etcetra. You can also do other beneficial things like performing ibadah where you can take your ablution (wudu'), reciting the Quran and also do some dzikrullah. InshaAllah not only you'll have a peace of mind but you'll also perform in your examinations.

We must avoid ourselves from doing more sins like talking bad our lecturers, teachers or even our friends. This doings won't give you any benefits instead it will lead you away from the right track and also god's wrath. 

4. CARE for each other. 

Sahih International
And they who are observant of zakah [23:4]

Even at our hardest time in our life, we should never be selfish and ignore our friends in need. Share whatever you can afford either from the least maybe a pen, your knowledge or maybe even past year questions and many more. Sharing is caring right? :)

5. Limit interactions between non-mahram.

Sahih International
And they who guard their private parts

Sahih International
Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed -

Sahih International
But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors - 

Never use excuses like having a study group to see the opposite sex .It has been said in the Quran so many times that you must avoid the path towards fornication. The main pint is, you can only speak to the non-mahram only for VALID reasons. Indeed a reminder for myself too. 

Liyana Yamin
22nd Rajab 1433

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  1. SubhanaAllah ~~
    Liyana..you are really inspire me :D

    Thank you for this Excellent tips <3


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