7 SIMPLE rules to be HAPPY.

These rules are very simple and also very practical. Something I gained from my dad which I'd like to share with all you.

1. Never HATE others.
As you can see, HATE is to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward someone. When you hate someone, it will not only ruin your mood but also disturb any of your daily routine.

2. Don't WORRY.
Worrying about tiny little things will eventually bring it to a larger problem. So, stop worrying and start your life with positive thinking!

3. Live simple.
There's no use for you to live with all the luxury and yet you still owe people money here and there. People can still live happily when they spend not too much neither too little. For example, if your monthly wages can afford you a BMW, why not just buy Perdana for an instance. The extra money, you can either donate it to the welfare home or even to an NGO. 

4. Expect a little.
The tittle itself explains everything right? In life, when you expect a little from someone or an event, you will find yourself more content. You won't get disappointed easily from an event, people etcetra.

5. Give a lot.
When you give more to others, remember that later on in life or maybe in the life after, Allah shall reward you with never ending blessings. Even when you're shortage of money, it's encouraged to give to the needy one. I'm not saying that for instance you have RM10 in your wallet and you must give all. NO! Indeed no. You can give RM5 for example so that you can have the balance for your bus fare or other stuff you need to use it for. 

6. Always smile.
A smile a day can make someones day a better one. Try smiling with others, undoubtedly they will surely smile back to you. Some may say, there are some people who will just ignore it. But remember people, as I've said earlier, think POSITIVE. You may not know what is happening to that person before this. That person might have had so me complications and thus can't reply your smile. There's no money needed for to SMILE to others. So, SMILE people :D

7. Keep in touch with Allah the almighty.
Last but not least in the rule, Keep in touch with the almighty. Remember Allah every second you have. Read the Quran to feel at peace. And also dzikir everyday so you can remember Him always.

So, what do you think of it? Not that hard to keep up right? It is just 7 simple rules to make your life better. Do try it and may Allah bless you with all your doings in increasing happiness in life, and not to forget it is also to increase our FAITH.

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