A love story. A frog and a mouse.

There was once a mouse and frog. One day, this mouse was searching food at a nearby pond. And suddenly, he saw this beautiful frog and immediately fall in love. After a few days, they came up to a conclusion to have a relationship. 

Then, the continued the relationship by meeting each other everyday. The mouse will come and visit the frog at the pond. And they will just have a chat and finally became deep in love with each other. Later on, the mouse told the frog that he just can't stay apart for a longer time and suggested an idea to the frog. 

The mouse said : "Dear honey, I wish you wouldn't stay in the pond for such a long time. I get real bored when you are away. I'm hoping that you can stay by my side all the time."

The frog replied : "I wish I could by your side all the time too, but I still need to search and provide us food, hubby."

The mouse said : "Alright then, how about if we were to tie up one leg of mine with yours. Then whenever I miss you, I'll tingle the string and you can come right up!"

The frog agreed and each time the mouse was lonely, he will just call up his girlfriend. As time passes by, at one peaceful morning flew an eagle at the pond. He caught the glimpse  of the mouse and soon started its action in catching the mouse. For an instance, the mouse was caught immediately. 

The eagle soon fed its chicks the mouse. Without realising, he also had another catch which is the frog. Finally the frog was also eaten. 

What can we gain from this story? We are suppose to be alert with who we be friends with. Remember to be friends with the one that can lead you to the good path. InshaAllah with good friends, you'll achieve success too!

Liyana Yamin
28th Rajab 1433.

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