Al-Habeeb, He INSPIRES me.

Salam to all. Today I'd like to share a video regarding a man which memorized the whole Quran which appeared in the Quran memorization competition, This takes place in Morocco. The man named Al-Habeeb is from Casablanca which has speech disorder, difficult in communicating with others and yet he memorized the whole Quran whole-hearted. Not to forget he's also fluent in Tajweed.

He inspired me and I hope he can inspire you readers too. I cried after watching this and gained a lot of knowledge. A reflection to me and to all. If this less fortunate man can memorize the whole Quran, why can't us? With our full ability in everything. We should be a shame on ourselves. Take your time in understanding this video and may you gain benefit from this.

With this, I hope we can reflect on everything that we have right now and become a more grateful person in the future. Insha-Allah. 28 more days till Ramadhan. May Allah allow us to be in the month of full barakah.

Liyana Yamin,
2nd Syaaban 1433.

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