I'm sorry!

Yesterday you might have wronged or oppressed a person. The guilt is killing you. And you are left pondering, thinking what to do next. I've experienced this. You might have experienced this to, don't you think so? 

You must take note that, we as human beings tend to do mistakes. And when we've done anything wrong, we must take a few steps to make it right again. Take a look at what you should do at making the problem right again!

1. You should turn to Allah Subhanahuwa Ta’ala to ask for forgiveness.

At times, you may think everything is going all wrong and beyond your capability to handle the situations. But fear not, Allah is always there for you. He's the BEST listener. And all you have to do is seek for His forgiveness.

2. Push aside your ego.

Despite the hatred that may have caused the problem, you must also put aside your ego which is controlling you. I know it is something quite hard to do, whereby he/she might be your unexpected friend that actually stabbed on your back. But in life, you have to move on and don't let your ego control you because it can cause you happy days wasted just like that.

3. Be quick to apologise.

Be the FIRST to apologise. This will indeed be favourable to both parties. Be sincere and may that person will also have the sense to forgive you. 

The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest and the first to forget is the happiest.

4. Admit to your shortcomings and take responsibility.

As I've said earlier, we as human beings tend to do some mistakes here and there. So, after you've apologise, admit your shortcomings. Talk one-to-one with that person. Take responsibility on what had happen.

5. Restore their Trust.

Once you admit your shortcomings, inshaallah their trust will be restored.

6. Show you care.

After everything is over, it is best for you to be back to the normal you. Caring for each other once again.

7.Learn a lesson from this incident.

Take lessons from what had happened. Do your self reflection and think before you do anything again. Hopefully, it won't happen again.

As you've seen, the steps are not that hard right? It just that you must be willing to do it. Nothing's impossible to regain the good relationship you've had with someone.

Liyana Yamin
23rd Rajab 1433.

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