A poem which I found interesting and I'd like you readers to appreciate and understand every word in this poem.

was lost and found myself wandering around. 
Searching for my soul, unsure of the life I had. 
Then I saw the light and bravely followed it through. 
Sacrificing a part of me, 
surviving from the pool of misery I fell into.

Amidst people's wrath and confusion, 
I set forth and followed my calling. 
Famished with the new-found wisdom, 
hoping for my soul’s renewing. 

My journey has just begun 
and it all started with my sincere submission. 
With hopes of a virtuous life with my loved ones, 
and meeting the person willing to accept my life’s transition. ~ Merlyn Tayo (Thinkerlyn)

Liyana Yamin,
30th Rajab 1433.

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