Syria is CALLING.

When we are bounded with our work in the daily routine,
THERE...! Right THERE in SYRIA...!
Are you aware on what's happening in SYRIA?
We are here where we still have time to LAUGH.
We have time to waste our precious TIME.
And yet, our brothers and sisters in SYRIA are having a hard time.

As our days goes by,
Are you happy that they are left like this?
Do we even CARE about them? 
Do YOU??
Are we not brothers and sisters in ISLAMWhere is our contribution? 

We can help them by taking a few steps!
1) Recite Qunut Nazilah at each obligatory prayers.

Qunut Nazilah is done benediction Muslims to reject ruthless enemies of Islam and prevent themselves from a variety of mischief and disaster. Qunut prayer recited at the time of the obligatory prayers, that is when I'tidal after ruku 'in the last rakaat. 

2)Organise special intention that is for SYRIA's peace.

3) Donate to fund SYRIA.

4) Spread the news and facts about SYRIA !

Come on PEOPLE. CARE FOR SYRIA! O' Allah, grant victory to all of our brother and sisters in SYRIA. O' Allah, have mercy on them, accept their martyrs and cure their sick and injured. O' Allah, forcefully remove Bashar, his army and his allies from the land. O' Allah, we have no other than you to seek for.

Liyana Yamin,
3rd Syaaban 1433.

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