Dream for Jannah!

No matter how HIGH our rank in the world, in the end we will be called a CORPSE.

No matter how LUXURY our car is, in the end our corpse will be driven by a HEARSE.

No matter what TYPE of house we live in, eventually we will be in the GRAVE.

No matter how EXPENSIVE our clothes are, in the end we will be wearing KAFAN.

No matter how FAR our journey was in the world, finally we shall be given the same visa : AKHIRAH VISA.

Every living being will face DEATH! Not a second late. Not a second early too. The question is, "Are we prepared for death?" 

Reflect back on what have we done on the past few days. Do we deserve jannah for the deeds we've done? It's all up to you to check back on yourselves!

May Allah ease our journey in the dunya and make HEAVENS as our final destination in akhirah!

Liyana Yamin,
26th Shaaban 1433.

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