Tuesday, 14 August 2012

18 More days to go!

EIGHTEEN MORE DAYS? *sigh* Now, I feel the pain excitement. Fortunately, I've done quite a lot of preparation. All I need to do next is just to pack up my stuffs and shift to the east coast!! Wohoo. It's easier to say it rather than to do it. Let's have a back to past moments! I just love thinking of those nostalgic moments from my past and I'll just open up my album and smile there alone. =P

My primary school!! SRIP

I look childish don't I? I miss these moments =') Everyone was just so tiny! Lol. The fact that everyone is their own way, I'm happy to say that I still am and hopefully will still have them within my contact list.

High school - SMK Subang Jaya

This class was indeed one of the most havoc and full of laughter of all time. It was all so freaking awesome. Yes, those 5 years of high school was really something I shall never forget.

College - KMS

Last but not least, my college experience. I will forever cherish those days. An experience like never before. 14 boys in a class. And I can say, they are geeks and nerds not all. *laughs*  

As you can see, I've experience mixing around with all types of people and having a lot of boys in my class. Something special don't you think? *krik krik* Okay, lame! I'm happy as it is. I hope you've enjoyed your past too! This is just a short post to share of my moments! (^^)

And now, I shall move on to a new route! Located at the east coast. Something new. A new journey, I shall venture. To become someone extraordinary -  A dream I shall accomplish inshaAllah. So, I'll treasure this last moments with my family.

Earlier, I've told my mom "Do cook for me just for this last few days I'm here. I'm just bored with the bazaar food already =( " Then my mom went all teary. Aigoo. Oh well, that's the cycle of life isn't ? Hoping to the best! *fighting* Good luck to everyone too! Ganbatte kudasai! =]

Liyana Yamin 

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum wbt ukhtiy liyana!
    I'm here again..haha..
    Me too..thinking the pasts of mine right now.. :)
    Really hope that u can achieve ur goals in ur life and don't forget dear! Mardhatillah is our target, right?hehe

    #u look so cheerful in every pic.. ;)