Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bazaar SS18.

Konbanwa friends!

Yesterday has been quite a hectic day. I was a part-time nanny. My brother, sister-in-law and my niece was here at home. So, basically we had a huge reunion because the whole family was there. We had quite a feast since my brother decided to give us whatever we wanted.

Despite the happiness there, I had this "disaster" happening to me. I can say, it was on of the most unwanted thing to happen to me and yes, it finally happened thanks to my adik =( And the horror news is.. *drum rolls please*

My facebook changed to timeline!! =.="

Terrifying indeed. However, I've to accept it no matter what right? Okay, back to the happy part again~ We took some pictures of the bazaar SS18! Whee. It's such a waste if you don't come here and try the roasted duck people! I mean it. It's amazing. Once you give it a try, I tell you people! You would want more and more and maybe another time more =P 

Roasted duck!

and also : Singapore Rojak

not to forget one of favourite side dish : Pedal bakar

And so, I've been counting, 20 days left till I'm off to Terengganu. It's soon you know. I bet you'll miss me =P Oh well, it's almost breaking fast time. Happy breaking fast! Till next time.

♥ Liyana Yamin 

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