Monday, 20 August 2012

Eidulfitri 1433.

HEY. HEY. YOU. YOU. Happy eidulfitri! How was your eid celebration wherever you are in the world? Mine has been quite interesting although I'm just celebrating it right here in Subang Jaya. On the 1st eid, my brother + sister-in-law + niece was at home. The house was loud and cheerful - what can you say when there's a baby at home? =D

And so we had our family picture again. And yes, I'm the shortest as always =.= From left : Me, papa, mama, Najlaa (niece), Kak Wana, Abang Muz and adik! Our theme was black,white,red and green. Lol. We didn't actually set any theme. Simply had a quick family photo.

And today, my dad was invited to an open house at his friends house. Somehow this was quite an exclusive one since only my family and two other families were invited. The other two families was from Cape Town and Malawi. I had a great time socializing with them and the babies!! Omo, they are the cuties. (^O^) 

I was taking care of two Malawians twins and to my left is the family from Cape Town! #kawaii I just realised how terrible my public relation was when I actually went silent for a few moments with them.Though, luckily everything went smoothly and we all had fun. I wish to see them again. They were so nice to me. Not to forget to the landlord who invited us for the open house. And yes alhamdulillah, *ka-ching*!! I recieved some "duit raya". So much have you recieved for your "duit raya"?? =P There's still time to collect some money. Hopefully I'll get more! #fighting. =]

Liyana Yamin 

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