Eidulfitri - A Victory!

Now that this blessed month of Ramadan has ended, do your hearts feel heavy with sadness, as if you are losing a loved one? The Companions (RA) used to weep with sadness as the end of Ramadan came near. Let's all pray that Allah allows us to witness Ramadan in 2013. 

Here are some sunnahs for you to do in the morning of eid :-

  1. Cutting hair (cut your hair according to Sunnah and not according to the English styles).
  2. Cutting Nails, Having a bath, Doing Miswaak (cleaning of teeth with a Miswaak, this is apart from Miswaak done during ablution).
  3. Wear nice clothes, if new wear them, otherwise wear washed ones.
  4. To put Ittar (perfume) on. [only for men]
  5. Before going to Eid-ul-Fitr Salaah, eating some dates – 3, 5, 7 or any amount. But they should be eaten in odd numbers. If dates are not available then eat something sweet. Even if nothing is eaten before the Salaah, it is not a sin but if nothing is eaten till Salaah-tul-Isha then he will be reprimanded.
  6. To perform and walk for Eid prayer [When going for Eid Salaah choose one path and when coming back come on from another path.]
  7. Giving Sadqa-e-Fitr (charity) before Eid Salaah (it is better to give it before Eid Salaah but if that’s not possible then give it after the Salaah).
  8. Showing happiness, congratulating and wishing each other.
  9. While going for Eid-ul-Fitr Salaah, to say Takbeer quietly and while going for Eid-ul-Adha one should say the Takbeer loudly. The following is called Takbeer:

Remember to continue the goodness even after this blessed month. A sign of acceptance from Allah is when there has been positive change in our lives that goes beyond the month. It is not befitting a true believer to return to his bad ways once we exit this blessed season. 

May the Almighty accept all our acts of worship & forgive us completely. Ameen.  Salam eid Mubarak to all readers. Thank you for reading and may you continue reading future posts and share this blog for others to get the benefits too. Do forgive my past mistakes and may we become a better Muslim after this!

1st Shawal 1433
Liyana Yamin.

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  1. An awesome entry as expected from the Awesome Liyana Yamin. :D SALAM EID UL FITR!


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