Sunday, 26 August 2012

Final countdown.

It has been a week already since we've started celebrating Eid. So many happenings. People keep on coming to my house for ziarah. And me going to other's for their open house. And today,my sister finally went back to her college - KMS.

*cricket sound* ='( I'm feeling quite extremely lonely without my sister. What do you expect, she's the only one in this house that I actually share my bitter sweet moment of my life. *sigh* Not to forget, in five days I'll be going to Kuala Terengganu already. 2nd September will be the registration date.

Anyways, my packing is 80% done. All I need to do left is to do  some confirmation for the PTPTN supporting document. So, let's do our best! And beat the rest~ Aja-aja fighting!! 

Liyana Yamin 

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