Monday, 13 August 2012

Hasan Al Banna's WILL.

Sheikh Hasan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna was a school teacher and also an Imam, best known as the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood also known as Ikhwanul Muslimin which was one of the largest influential 20th century Muslim Revivalist organisation. 

Here I'd like to share 10 of his wills which you can make as a reference to guide ourselves in becoming a better Muslim.

1. Perform prayers immediately we hear the azan no matter what are we doing at that time.

2. Read the Quran, learn the tafseer, listen to others recitation, or do some zikrullah. Don't let your precious time go waste to unnecessary things.

3.  Speak the Arabic language fluently because it is the syiar of Islam.

4. Don't debate on everything. Arguement doesn't  brings any benefit to you. [ In this case, which in my opinion, for example in the Television which shows current issues debate is truly something beneficial. Don't get this sentence wrong. We can debate, but in selective topics like what they are debating at Astro Awani. Debate is also a good tool to let people know the good and bad of an issue. ]

5. Avoid too much laughter because in order to get close to Allah is by making sure our heart is calm and steady.

6. Do not joke around terribly because a fighting ummah is, to be serious. [ Note this again, you can joke here and there, but bear in mind that we have our responsibilities as a caliph on this earth! Perform your duty well. ]

7. Do not raise your voice against your listeners. It shows stupidity and painfulness. [ In this sentence, you are to listen nicely to whoever are talking to you and treat them well ]

8. Stay away from people who insult others or condemning any organisations and do not speak to fight unless you're in a good trial. [ This, I can refer to some of them who insults our religion, and all I can say that we can just pray for them and may Allah forgive them. If they they don't seem to give up, you can consult those who are better in our religion to explain ti them. ]

9. Introduce yourself to whoever you encounter, even if that person does not ask you because our missionary policy is to love and know more of one another. [ I hope nobody misunderstand this sentence. It must be strictly within the limit with our opposite gender ]

10. Our duty to the world is endless within our given time. Thus, spare some time to help others so that you have a better quality time in the future. Though, if you any other urgent business, complete it as soon as you can.

That is all for today's post. I hope you understand it thoroughly and do share it on with other people. We are here left with 6 days to fast. May Allah ease us in searching the lailatul qadr.

24th Ramadhan 1433
Liyana Yamin

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