Manners of seeker of Knowledge.

We seek knowledge day by day. Though, we tend to forget it sometimes. Why does this keep happening?  Probably, we didn't gain knowledge in a proper way. Thus, we must seek knowledge in good manners. Below are some tips for us to ensure our knowledge that we gain will stay with us and we an share it with others.

1. Have sincere intentions.

2. Strive hard and have faith towards Allah.

3. Avoid sins.

4. Mix with good people.

5. Remember Allah. Always. (Zikrullah)

6. Care for your dignity.

7. Respect your teachers.

8. Pray and seek parent's pleasure.

9. Practice with all the knowledge acquired. 

Imam Syafi'i once said that : "Those who wants Allah to open their hearts and lighten it up, thus,  they must stay away from sins, avoid unnecessary speech, and he/she must always have their hidden 'ibadah towards Allah s.w.t" So, to be a successful student, guard your eyes,tongue, ears, and the whole body from making any sins. Do the obligatory and more sunnah.

By practising everything in an orderly mannered way, insyaAllah Allah will lighten up our path and we will be in the right track. Amin ya Rabbala'lamin.

27th Syawal 1433
Liyana Yamin.

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