Thursday, 6 September 2012

Orientation week.

Hello from Terengganu my friends! One word about Kuala Terengganu : HOT. I'm extremely serious by saying that the heat is unbearable. O' Allah, and this nothing compared to the hell. Nau'zubillah. So how is everyone doing with their orientation week? The activities here is superb - in the sense of killing me. Partly yes, I do agree on some activities but seriously, here am I to file a complaint on my own blog! What is wrong with them forcing people to wear the bloody thick corporate shirt? I wore it for 3 whole days (no washing because it's thick) and it was like +_____+ 

My Bio-D course is estimated to be about 80++ people and yes, the amount of boys is only 12 people =.="  For the past few days, I've made through several activities  like LDK (Group session) At least for now, I can know some of my course mates. I wish I can take a long sleep and rest. I'm extremely fatigue now. My daily routine is like I'll be sleeping at 2.30am and wakes up at 4.30 am. Can you imagine how frequent I'll sleep during the speeches. Oh well, tomorrow will be the final day for the orientation.

Let's hope for the best now. I'll start my lectures this Sunday. and not to forget, the Sea Survival will be on at 26th and 27th September. I don't really have time to upload any pictures right now since the internet connection is quite unpredictable here. So, that is all for now. do pray for my success. Love you people! May Allah ease the days I'll be spending right here at this breezy Terengganu~

Liyana Yamin 

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