Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy EidulAdha!!

Hello from Terengganu ♥ !!

For the first time, I'm actually away from home for Eid celebration. I wanted to go back, like SERIOUSLY. Somehow, my dad told me to just stay here and focus for my mid-sem test which will be starting this freaking Tuesday. *sigh* Pray for my success dear friends =] 

People posting up their eid photos, not to forget the food that they CONSUME. For goodness sake, I'm thrilled to see and yes, I cried to tears don't really care looking at them. Basically the celebration of Eiduladha here in the east coast is waaaaaaaaaaay more glorious than eidulfitri (reality!). And yes, I can sense that everyone enjoys every bit of the holiday until the shops, wait... ALL SHOPS and CAFETERIAS are closed down. And to those left here in UMT are left to starve. Just kidding, we still have one, only ONE cafe that serve us food but that is just limited.

Here's another story I'd like to share. I can finally drive around. Yes, Driving around the city. I use to think what the fish is the use of my licence if I'm not able to drive around. So I tend to be rebellious at home. What do you expect, my family only have a car which is the Ford Ranger and for a newbie to me, I'll just cause an accident. So, I'm here practising my driving skills with the rental car - Viva AUTO, WITH PERMISSION OF MY PARENTS okay! I do things with their blessings for goodness sake. Don't ever think that I'm a bad girl. Can't wait to practice frequently when I have time.Hopefully I'll be an expert driver as time goes by. 

One more thing, I'm accepted to join ENACTUS. (You can press the word to know more about it) Wohooo, Yeah! Alhamdulillah =P It's something that I went to interview before. I've been interested in entrepreneurship for some time actually. Inherited from my dad I guess. Passing the interview is just the beginning process of my journey. May Allah ease. More interesting activities. Meaning more responsibilities. Seeing the world more with the endless activities. With these 3 clubs - Debate club, Equine club and also Enactus, I hope to gain more knowledge and share it with others. Hopefully my soft skills will be sharpen and I'll be a confident and caring person!

Okay then, thank you for reading a piece of my life story. Happy Eid. May Allah bless you =D

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