Friday, 19 October 2012

Rainy days.

Cold breeze. Wet clothes. The Biawak road is increasing in water. Cloudy scene everywhere. Yes, it has been raining non-stop for two days already. Has the monsoon season arrived? 

If yes, I'll go screaming Nooooooooooooooo. Despite the awesome weather, there'll be a lot of hurdle I have to overcome. Find ways to go to lectures hall without being wet, by ensuring my clothes washed are DRY. Though, it's a good experience though to experience it once in a life time.

So, what's up with  me now? I've finally done with my Ethnic and Evolution assignment! Whee. And now, FESPA (Festival Seni dan Pengucapan Awam) is here to challenge all 1st year student to give out representative from each course for 6 different competition which is Singing, Dancing, Top host, Debate, speech and also poem recitation.

Somehow, after discussing with my dad, I finally registered myself into debate. What the fish? Yes, with lack of experience, I'm actually representing my course for debate. Why oh why? Oh well, listen to what daddy says~ Without our first step, we can't achieve our goal into becoming a great debater (which I've longed for a long time).

Next week is Aidiladha celebration. My roommates will be going back to their hometown. *sigh* Leaving me all alone with several others. But, looking at the bright side, I'll get to study for my quiz!! Then after 2 weeks, I can go back too. *duh*. Okay, before I end my post for today, let's forget my happy moments for awhile, and I'd like to seek your kindness to pray for my dad's health. He's not feeling very well. And I just hope he will heal as soon as possible. I'm just so worried that I wish I can go back home during this Aidiladha to see him, but he told me to stay focus here. =( Okay daddy, take care then.  Do pray for him, dear friends. Thank you so much. 

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