Friday, 12 October 2012

Sea Survival.

I've told you before that I'd like to share about my experience at Bidong Island. So here it is. Sea survival a.k.a Survival Laut is one of the programme that ALL first year University Malaysia Terengganu student has to attend in order to graduate. Indeed, it is one of the specialty of UMT that no other university can beat. =P Well basically the programme is held the very own UMT's island ----> Bidong Island.

As soon as we arrived there, we were briefed about the main FIVE activities we were going to do. We were also assigned to 4 different teams whereby my course - Biodiversity combines with the Math-Q students randomly. The groups were Jerung (Shark), Pari (Stingray), Ketam (Crab) and last but not least is the Udang (Shrimp). And I was in group JERUNG!!! JERUNG THE CHAMPION =p (Seriously, no joke about it. We won the best team!!) Oh well, enjoy the list of activities are as follows :-

Vietnamese remains.

  • Water confident - You have to swim from the shore 200 metres towards a boat waiting in the middle of the sea. Then climb the boat and jump down. After that, just swim back 200 metres to the shore.
  • Jejak Warisan - You'll go trekking through the forest and in the end see the remains of the illegal immigrants from Vietnam. 
  • Kayaking - After trekking, our activity were followed by kayaking back to our original starting point of trekking which means the other side of Bidong Island. You have no idea how tiring it was. It took us in about 30 minutes of I'm not mistaken. But, I was in a great mood since I was with one of my great friend : Wee Xen!! =]
  • Snorkelling : We were fascinated with the awesome view under the sea. And I went singing Under the sea~ Lalala.
  • Fishing - My group didn't manage to do this activity because of the sudden storm T.T (sobs. sobs) Instead we had to clear the Island with the trash other group did. Oh well, all praises to Allah we managed to clear everything on time.

In the end, everything was indeed a worthful experience that cannot gained just like that. The only privilege UMT student can gain. And I'm proud to become one of the lucky one. Alhamdulillah again for the great experience. Truly compatible with UMT's  slogan which is Ocean of Discoveries~

So, goodbye Bidong Island. Till next time. Hope to see you again before I grad. And to my readers, hope you've enjoyed the little bit of my unforgettable experience right here in Terengganu. Just ignore my rigidness here and bye-bye. =D

Liyana Yamin 

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