Monday, 3 December 2012

Lab Minda 2012.

I've been silent for a long time haven't I? I meant - My blog. Lol. Well, I have no English word for my tittle since it is a fixed name for the programme. Basically, the tittle is the name for my entrepreneurship course. It was held at Kota Bharu from 29th November - 2nd December 2012. 

I was exposed to some entrepreneur skills. My group and I attended several activities which are were held at Cahaya Bulan beach, Wakaf Che Yeh and finally did some shopping at KB Mall. There was this activity where each group was suppose to sell products given without knowing the original price, and yet we have to gain the highest price for each product in order to win the game. And alhamdulillah, our group won that game with a net price of RM 30.70.  

My adorable group : IKAN MASIN

Despite playing the Catur Bestari (picture above), We also went to a batik factory and witnessed the amazing process in making a batik. It was quite hot in the factory which amazed me on how did those workers actually bear to work in such environment. A big round of applause to them.

Not to forget, we did some shopping at Wakaf Che yeh ( Two pictures below )

My awesome group won two prizes which is for the product selling and also the most happening group .

No doubt, the experience gained was priceless. I stayed at the hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. And all I have to pay was just RM15. Like seriously, all expenses was paid by UMT. Thank you so much UMT and ENACTUS for giving me this amazing exposure. Also, I've gained weight as you can see in the photos. what do you expect, I was fed like six times at the hotel T__T Oh well, I'm thankful though for the great treatment and service there. a 3-star hotel is good and worth it in the end. =) 

So, for now I need to focus for my finals! Pray for me dear friends and families. Finals starts on 31st December. No more playing games!! Time to get serious. Toodles~

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