Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A baby elephant was found next to the body of its dead mother

"Ten endangered pygmy elephants have been found dead in a reserve in Malaysia, with officials saying they may have been poisoned."

Not enough with yesterday's awful news, today in the Stars came out another news saying

"KOTA KINABALU: The remains of three more endangered Borneo pygmy elephants have been found in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve, taking the total death toll to 13."

Things have been terrible in the pygmy elephant's world. As a student in this conservation field, I find it devastating. Grieving, I am. You can read more at the following links below :-

You can also go to the facebook page of Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants (MEME) if you're interested in getting more elephant news (I sound so cute, right? Okay, just ignore ME :p ) And. And. Another random news to inform you people : This coming Saturday (2nd Feb 2013) there'll be a programme at Kuala Selangor Nature Park. I'm sooooo going (NOT). I love these type of programme but I just can't make it. *sobs2* ='( Anyways, to all nature lovers that can make it, send my love to the fireflies. 

As it is, January is flying away without me really realising it. Going back to Terengganu in 14 days >.< Semester 2 is calling out my name. Yeah, I'm neither happy nor sad actually. Feeling quite neutral. Reunion here and there. Trouble here and there. Holiday just get hectic day by day. Another confession I'll make :

For the past few days, I have problem sleeping. 

No joke. Seriously. I'm feeling tormented. The moment I lay my head on the bed, I just won't get sleep immediately. I'm tired physically. But my mind will just go wild. To nowhere! I guess I'm just thinking too much. Too much. Need to chill more. Or I'll die young, or just go bald... Alright. Enough update. Pray that I'll enjoy the holiday and happy holidays to you adorable readers! ;D

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  1. wow! kamu juga prihatin tentang berita ni. Sedih kan? Kesian Kejora, mama dia sudah tiada~ huu