Monday, 14 January 2013

Semester 1 break.

The exam finally ended. And the holiday is here. Arrived at Subang Jaya at 10.25pm on Friday. Celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday the next day. Somehow, I was touched on how she call me and remembered me. And. And. She loved the birthday present I gave her. --> An Upin Ipin bottle. Yeah, she's an Upin Ipin fangirl.

Birthday girl - Najlaa.

My mom baked this red velvet cake (above)

Recently, I baked the blueberry cheese tart. Success? Maybe a little. Not a professional baker yet. I guess I'll be spending my time on baking, cooking and making sure the house is in a clean state throughout my holiday this one whole month.

Blueberry Cheese tart~

Yeah, my part-time job!

Will do some reunion with friends hopefully. I still feel the heavy burden of the MKS responsibility. I cannot imagine how I'll go through with it. But I'll stick with Allah's word.

That's all for my life's latest update. Stay tune for more exciting holidays stories from me. =)

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