Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Burned out.

Fatigue. Compact class schedule. Meeting every night for the pass few days since classes start.  Depression and happy at the same time probably. I'm a busy woman!

I have no idea why did I actually agreed to join all these activities. If you are new here, reading my blog so let me tell you one thing. I'm currently active in two massive organization. One is BIOSIS (combination of Biology and Biodiversity student) and also MKS (the one that takes care of the student's charity in UMT's residential college.)

With this humongous responsibilities, not to forget the unending event every month, all I have to say is that I need  to really learn to divide my time equally. OR ELSE I AM DOOMED WITH MY ACADEMICS. *pheww* Okay, I'll stop complaining now. Though, I'm still thankful to have great friends and supportive family.  

My recent team-building event (MKS)

Despite with all the stress, I'm still excited with the upcoming events. Hope that everything goes well, so all the best dear friends. Remember god, and strive for the best. May Allah ease everyone's journey. =] *fighting*

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