Friday, 8 February 2013

Here and there~

Yo. Wassup. So how was your holidays? Worth it? Spend your time with your family nicely? Sad to say, but finally the holiday is coming to an end. I've been going out here and there. Meeting people. Buying important stuffs etc. Done lots of activities here and there. 
Well firstly, I managed to learn from my sister in-law on how to make the amazing laksa. *wink2* SPICY 

Then. I went to meet my dear roomates at Times Square. 

Met my long lost friend too. Aiceh~ :D Outing to Sunway Pyramid with my sister and Kak Hidayah. Did the girl shopping day. We shopped till we dropped ;D A great day, INDEED.

Last but not least, the recent outing was a picnic to Shah Alam botany park~ Everyone went cycling. Up the hill I tell you. No joke. It was tiring - but FUN. We did some potluck. Enjoyed the amazing scenery. Everything went well alhamdulillah.

My holiday was spent well I guess. Though, my money finished earlier than I thought (Thanks to the outing and buying all my stuff). I'm broke. Seriously. How am I to survive the next semester. I must learn to SAVE SOME MONEY. But, alhamdulillah. I enjoyed meeting everyone.

A new semester is coming up. New mission. Big responsibilities waiting for me. May Allah ease. Going back to Terengganu earlier than anyone else. 14th February it is. Not much time left. Hope to gain more knowledge and spend time with my family more. Sayonara ♥ 

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  1. Liyana~ wow, best la baca blog kamu ni..!!!
    teruskan menulis yah ;)
    blog saya tu merepek ja..hehe..
    see u soon!!