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Time waits  for no man. Indeed lost time will never be found again. As day by day we are are getting nearer to death it important for us to make each day precious. Most people who are successful in life makes the best use of time. Time is the most precious thing compared to all other things  in life. Be wise as all of us are given and allotted  twenty four hours a day by Allah so there is no excuse to waste time. Just as we choose to spend our money we must learn to spend our time wisely.Once it is gone it will be gone definitely. One of the best ways  of getting the most of our time is to plan for tomorrow, today.

In one of his Hadiths the Prophet  Muhammad peace be upon  him said ,"There are two of Allah’s favors that are mostly forgotten  by many of us which is   health and  free time.” The message here is not to idle  freely  or waste time nor  to  be lazy and indolent. Muslims who are wise are those who are organized and hard working.

To be successful, two important things must be done.  
1. Take the decision to know exactly what we want. 
2. What are we willing to sacrifice  to do and start to get it. 

Take a look at students who excel and fail. Certainly the attitude of different responsibilities and sacrifices of time and effort. Similarly, success in the world and the hereafter. If we just make a comfortable, convenient and as we love lust would not have been successful beyond our world. 

If we go through our daily lives would find appreciation of different human thoughts, emotions and actions as compared to when we wake up and think for looking pleased God and take, within 10 minutes a day to write what the purpose of our lives every day and correct intention in all activities.

True Muslims must realize that there is no shortcut to achieve success in life. What is meant by success  is not material possessions only but the successful person  must  have moral values as well.We have seen of many examples of Muslims in our midst who acquired wealth by being crooks but they do not command respect from right thinking Muslims  or from any society that values morals and ethics.
Go ahead! Pursue a dream of wanting to be successful. Work hard, work smart and continue to be firm and focus on what is to be achieved. Be patient and strive for the best. Nothing is impossible with a willing heart.

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