Monday, 4 March 2013

It's getting TOUGH.

I. Am. Having. A. Hard. Time.

Crying - That is one of my method in releasing stress at these time.

So many events coming up.

Yet, there's so many thing to do at one time.

By meeting so many types of people in many organization, I somehow spend less time with my coursemates. It's hard, sometimes. I'm trying my best to interact in my best manner with everyone. Though, people seems to be on their own way. Yeah, typical of them. I must always stay alert since not everyone will actually share information (especially about classes) with me. Probably since I, myself barely take note about every single thing. 

A lot of thing have actually open up my mind. I knew, holding such huge responsibility comes with bigger sacrifice. Some may not understand how I feel. But, this is it. I must stay strong. Thanks to Dr. Faridah, my mentor which I just met recently to show her my first semester results. She truly changed my view in looking to the future in a better way. Honestly, my result was not as good as my roomates are but I was really grateful. I shall take every bit of my mentor's motivational quotes. Must. Stay. Strong.

The 3rd week is running wild. Extremely. I need to take a break. Like seriously. Meetings and classes. Classes cancelled at the very last minute consecutively. That, too I find one of the biggest challenge right here in university. What can we expect. Even my mentor told me that, we are in university facing lecturers NOT teachers. So, all we can do is just learn to adapt with lecturers right.

So, heads up! Let's face all obstacles with a smile and du'a. Remember me in your du'a too my dear friends. Strive till the end. There's no turning back. Work hard, pray hard too! 

May Allah ease our journey. 

May Allah gives us strength in this journey.

Allah knows best.

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