Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fieldwork - Bukit Bakar forest.

Everyone is busy updating their awesome experience at Bukit Bakar. And I am here to.. *drum roll please* urmm, share my FRIEND'S blog where she shares everything about the field trip completely. I can't possibly beat her explanation. So, presenting to you my friend's blog : Adha Ujang. Yeah, my blog is nothing much compared to hers. Oh well, everyone have their own uniqueness in their blog 'aight?

So, to all biodiversity students, WE ROCK the forest ground didn't we. Everything went superbly well. I was tanned. Didn't swim in the river either. Honestly, I just wanted to get the samplings and get out of the forest. I did not have that much enthusiasm as I could see in others facial expression. Probably, I was too stressed out with the unending work load.

Basically, the conclusion is, the fieldwork was one unusual experience. I did not expect that my group were able to get fruit bat sample. It was adorable like crazy. I do hope it survive and do not enter any traps again.

And, I'm going to PD this coming Friday. Random. Okay, fine. I'm travelling from south. To east. And to west. Must disciplined myself, or else I am doomed for sure. Anyways, thank you for reading. That is enough babbling for one night. Sayonara ;)

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