Friday, 12 July 2013

1st experience at EMNE2013.

Presenting to you team Enactus Universiti Malaysia Terengganu for EMNE2013 competition. *drum rolls*

Hey people. As I've mentioned before that I've participated in the biggest event held by Enactus Malaysia to determine which university that will actually represent Malaysia in the Enactus World Cup coming up this 29th September 2013.

My team and I only spent 15 days of training and prepation from script writing to slides and also annual reports. With insufficient sleep, long hours of working time and mental tortured here and there, we actually managed to survived to semi-final.

Oh well, put aside the semi-finalist thing. All I'd like to say is that despite that we didn't manage to go to the finals, what we did as a team really changed me fully. I LOVE MY TEAM for goodness sake. All the time spent together will be cherished in my heart.

Not to forget, the amazing team behind the scenes which are the PTeng team that handle those slides and annual report. I salute you guys. You guys rock.  And also to the presenter team. I love you people so so so much.


Our team with the supporters and alumni.

So, with lots of love, I end this post with ARIGATO-NEE (Rais's high tone). Am going to miss this team so much. Not going into the finals does not mean that we lose. We won big. In our hearts. With all the efforts given all out. Everyone did the very best. Anyways, congratulations to UMS. All the best to UMS in the World Cup. And to Enactus UMT, let's strive more. Hope to do better in EMNE2014. With a new post I shall hold in the upcoming board of director, I shall strive to bring back UMT's name to the finals. May Allah ease. Sayonara. For now. ;)

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