5 MAIN secrets of Fasting.

Salam'alayk to all. 5 days of Ramadhan had passed. How was it? How many juz' have you read? How was the qiyam going on? Anyways, I'd like to share a little bit on the 5 main secrets of fasting.

Dr. Yusuf Qardhawi revealed 5 main secret of fasting in his book which can enable and increase our pleasure in worshipping Allah s.w.t

1. Strengthen the soul

2. Educating desire towards goodness

3. Healthy body

4. Recognize the value pleasure and gratitude.

5. To remember and feel the suffering of other people.

That is all for today. May Allah bless everyone in this wonderful month of Ramadhan. Let's increase our amal and faith. And may Allah accept our amal.

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