It's all about the quality!

This blessed month of Ramadhan is not a racing competition.
You do not have to race on how fast you read the Quran.
You do not have to race on how many rakaat of prayer have you done.

Well, basically all you have to do is reCONNECT with the Almighty.
Take time to get in touch with Him.
The important value to be learnt is to do everything with sincerity and Taqwa.

"Whoever fasts Ramadan with faith and seeking the reward will have his past sins forgiven." Muhammad (pbuh).

Come to Allah with sincerity.
Don't waste any second in this holy month of Ramadhan.
Quality of your ibadah is all that matters right now.
Do your very best, and remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Syria, Falastine and also Rohingya. May Allah forgives everyone's sin and gives us Jannah. :)

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