Sunnah prayers

Ramadhan Kareem! Salam'alayk sisters and brothers. We are here already, on the 17th Day. Alhamdulillah. Ramadhan is slowly, crawling away from us. :(

So, how was your amal? No doubt, everyone is rushing to perform their best in this holy month. InshaAllah. As for today, I'd like to emphasize on our sunnah prayers. Some may not be aware they pray taraweeh every night non-stop, but do you actually pray the sunnah prayers?

I am not saying you must stop the taraweeh prayers, but why not we practice the sunnah prayers and make it a habit for us even after the Ramadhan. It is not that hard. Well basically the sunnah prayers consists of 12 rakaah of prayers.

2 rakaah before the fajr [HIGHLY reccommended]

4 rakaah before Zuhur and 2 rakaah after Zuhur

2 rakaah after Maghrib

2 rakaah after Isya'.

FYI : Nafl: These are optional prayers that you pray at no specified time. They do not fall in any other category of optional prayers (such as Qiyaam il-layl, Tahajuud, Istikhara...etc.). Example: you decide to pray to ruk'as right now, for no specific reason other than the worship of God.

"A house will be built in Jannah for every Muslim who offers 12 rakaah of optional solat other than the obligatory solat in a day and night (to seek pleasure of Allah)" [HR Muslim]

May Allah accept all of our amal and good deeds. All the best to all. :)

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