Sunday, 14 July 2013

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) - 2nd review

Hey there people. So, I am here to once again give some reviews on UMT. I'd like to remind everyone again, that I'm not a blogger that tells everything in detail. But at least I am sharing about UMT from my point of view.

Well firstly, let me emphasize to everyone that Terengganu doesn't have anything such as malls to watch movie or whatsoever. (Say What??) Okay, fine. Now, Now.. Let's think about this again. It is not that bad. Reflect back the reason you come to Terengganu all the way from wherever you which are to study for the sake of Allah and your parents right. No place to watch cinema, BUT... You can still go shopping for your groceries at the nearby Hock Kee Seng, Giant and also Mydin. The next thing that comes to mind is, HOW do you get yourself to those place. Basically there's 3 ways :

1st - Take a yellow van (that is usually provided outside of UMT) that will only cost you rm3 per person.
2nd - Take a rental car that will cost you rm7 per hour per car.
3rd - You can walk all the way to those places.. (okay, I'm kidding)

I will usually go anywhere using the rental car which I think is more reasonable since I use the yellow van, it will just get to my nerves. The yellow van usually requires students to be to the max (which is about 14 people) in the van and if it is not enough, it won't MOVE.

Alright, what's next? The common question people usually ask me is that "Can we actually choose how many people in a room?" Okay, dear juniors.. Juniors will normally get the 4 person per room. There's no choice for you to choose. You'll just get it, unless you're a senior you'd probably get the 2 or 3 person per room. Even you're a senior, there is no guarantee too.

Enough of my babbling then. I'm not really good in explaining through my blog, HOWEVER, I will be more than happy to answer your questions (if there is). Feel free to drop by and ask me - Liyana Yamin. Drop by, seriously. I won't bite. :)) Here, I'd like to give you some links for your references.

1. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Official page.
2. Majlis Kolej Siswa (MKS)
3. Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP)
4. Pusat Islam 

One more thing, you can also refer to my senior's blog. ----> Kak Qist which explains everything much better than an amature like me. That is all for now. Happy breaking fast to all Muslims. Salam'alayk :))

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