Saturday, 10 August 2013

Nasi Impit.

Hola people. How was your eid celebration? Mine? Well, it was okay. Nothing much. As usual, my family have been celebrating raya at Subang Jaya - our home sweet home.

Lemang. Nasi impit. Kuah kacang (super spicy). Beef Rendang. Minced meat curry. That's basically our yearly eid dishes.

Presenting to you my dear family.....

My sister and I have grown a lot. Mature much? *laughs* Hopefully there's more years to see the world.

Who is not excited to receive "duit raya" right?

      Look at my one and only niece. Adorable, isn't she? :)

I realized that as I grow up, raya celebration seems so different. It gets more and more..... Emotional? I just can't explain how every minute seems so precious. Let's learn to appreciate people around us more. Just before anyone leaves the world. So that, we won't regret.

Sometimes I do envy when other people showing how big their family is, well, yeah, I know that my family is like super tiny with the digits (my brother, me, and my sister) thus it is not really festive.. Though, me must stay grateful. Everything is according to Allah's plan.

Hopefully, as years pass by there'll be more additional family members. InshaAllah. Can't wait. Before I end this post, I'd like to wish everyone again Happy Eid Mubarak. Taqabba lallahu minna wa minkum. Do forgive me if I've ever made you annoyed with my behaviour consciously or unconsciously.

I'm leaving for Terengganu in 15 days. Starting my 3rd semester very very soon. But before that, I'll handle the new students enrolling at UMT. Pray for my success. That is all. Thank you again for reading my blog! Bye!

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