Lessons from Surah Al-Kahf.

Four main lessons from surah Al-Kahf :-
1. Trial in faith
2. Trial in knowledge.
3. Trial in wealth.
4. Trial in power.

So many trials to overcome, how do we survive? Look back to the meaning from al-Kahf. There are some tips!

1. Calling to Allah (verse 27).
2. Have a good companion (verse 28).
3. Knowing the truth (verse 45).
4. Remebring the hereAfter (verse 47-49).
5. Humbleness (verse 69).
6. Sincerity (verse 110).

May Allah help us from the fitnah of the world and help through the trials of Dunya and akhirah. Remember me in your Duas. Pass it on! ^_^

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