Zai jian 2013.

2013. It has been an interesting year. I've been through so many ups and downs. I survived - for sure, Alhamdulillah. I'd like to keep my meories in my blog. My journey throughout my 2nd semester to 3rd semester.

I still remembered the day I was elected as the Exco "Kerohanian and Pembangunan sahsiah" for MKS back in January the 3rd. Huge responsibility - I said. I did not have that much Islamic knowledge and I did feel disoriented at times. Luckily I had several good friends that was always there to support me. Allah won't burden someone more than what we can take. That was the thing that drove my spirit to just go on with all the mocking, hatred and even my lack of self-esteem sometimes.


Then, there was the Enactus Club I was active during my 2nd semester from February till June. It was hectic. I travelled a lot. Like - almost every weekend. Not only Enactus of course but the compilation of programmes that I need to handle and also participate. It was tough and I had my crying days a lot too. Not to forget my subjects that I took was too much to handle. I got overwhelmed to handle programmes and study at the same time.


Later on, after my 2nd semester ended in mid-June, I was selected as one of the presenter for the Enactus Malaysia National Exhibition (EMNE) ---> Now it is called EMNC. I was pressured for 15 days to create things to present and it was one bitter sweet memory. It was nice to have a team, but in the same time it was horrible to be awake everyday during my sleeping hours. Our team managed to won only up to semi-final. I was devastated. They were devastated. Somehow - I broke down. It was mentally traumatizing. I had a hard time to calm down myself with people's comment where it actually tore me a part silently. 

But then, I woke up and start to move on. I was able to gain back my strength after socializing here and there and also volunteering at Zoo Negara during the month of  Ramadhan. And then semester 3 came by knocking at the door. I was shocked that I had to step down earlier than I was suppose to for MKS. Oh well, look at the bright side, I had ample time to do my other responsibility which is the treasurer Usahaniaga club. Semester 3 was packed with non-stop assignments, and assignments, and more and more assignments. I enjoyed every single assignment (Seriously, not being sarcastic at all). I was positive-minded. And I enjoyed all subjects and the lecturers for this semester. Alhamdulillah. 

As November comes by, Allah gave me a chance to go abroad again. To Beijing, China. For the second time in my life. Going to China again. *laughs* All praises to Allah. I'm like thank you Allah for this precious present. It was a different experience from the first time (the 1st time was in the year 2006 - I was only 13 years old back then). Why was it different? I had the amazing experience to actually practice my mandarin there. Despite speaking mandarin plus the sign language, it was hilarious and a moment to remember for life. Unforgettable memories indeed. 


Then, finally as my 3rd semester comes to an end in December. and here I am typing out my final blogpost for this year. I am sitting for my final exam. Another year is running to me. Welcoming me with another 6 final papers. There's a lot more experience I hope I can gain. I've so many things in mind to execute. Can't wait for the time to come. May Allah ease. And last but not least, do forgive me if I've ever made you mad, sad cried or whatsoever.. I forgive you and you forgive me? Will you? InsyaAllah.. Do pray for my success and the everyone's joy. May Allah bless our pass doings and ease our future journey. Wassalam.

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014. ^^

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