Beijing - Wo Ai Ni.

Last year, in the month of November to be precise. Alhamdulillah. I was given the chance to travel to Beijing, China for the second time in my life! It was the end of autumn and early winter. I was ecstatic to be there again after 7 years.  I can see so many changes in a few years. Managed to see the bird nest, the Great Wall once again and I was overjoyed to meet the friendly people of Beijing and also the amazing scenic view of the surroundings. The temperature was freaking cold that I actually wore 5 layered of clothes. Extreme. 

Tianmen square.


More food.

There are several interesting things that I found out throughout the 5 days of travelling :-
1. You could hardly see any lorries on the road. 
2. You could hardly see any motorcycles on the road too.
3. If you were to have a dog as your pet, you need to pay 500yuan per dog.
4. You could hardly see any pregnant woman. Hardly. Since one family is only restricted to have one baby only.

Our tour guide 

Chicken....! We can't be seperated (wink2)

Then, the experience throughout the 5 day journey was truly unforgettable. Full with joy and terror. The winter weather was super cold and windy. And the food, I tell you - was DELICIOUS. Though, one terror experience would be the toilet. We Malaysians, if we need to go to the toilet, we need water don't we? And yes, sadly the public toilet is quite dirty with no water and all.  Full with terror T_T

Mosque nearby.

It was a delightful feeling to meet Muslims from other continent. The Muslim supermarket and the mosque there had this different environment but the peaceful feeling. Hoping to travel to more places again. Wassalam. Peace y'all.

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