Thursday, 17 July 2014

Starting point of FYP.

The end of second year marks the begin of my fyp, which is also known as final year project. It is one of the most crucial thing we as biodiversity students (this implies to all students basically based on their course requirements) have to face right before our graduation. A one year struggle. Our final year war. That is the final year project. Basically we are suppose to choose our interest in whatever scope in biodiversity (which ranges from microbiology, remote sensing, marine science, plants, animals and so much more).

The funny thing is that, I don't have any specific interest (only general interest which is marine organisms) thus I ended up doing research on Malaysia delicacy - Terubok, or what we call them scientifically is Tenualosa toli. I mean like seriously. I've never enjoyed fish since small. I've only wanted to eat chicken and meat all the time. And the fish that I would only eat is catfish and Patin. To study something beyond my interest needs a lot of love to pour in. It's a road full with thorns for sure!

Anyways, I'm going to encounter this elegantly. Face it professionally, hopefully. Now I'm quite bust attempting to do the research proposal which requires so much reading and understanding. The effect was so severe on me that I had sleepless night and I keep on dreaming about Terubok all the time. Oh god, for goodness sake. Hopefully I can just finish up this proposal as soon as possible. 

Final year should be enjoyable right? One more year to stay in Terengganu. Let's just embrace it with joy. Wishing all fyp students to succeed in your distinct research! Pray for my success too. Happy breaking fast and salam ramadhan! =)

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