Lessons from At-Takasur.

Wealth. Power.

People are chasing the worldly world.

The reality is that as we go on seeking the wealth from the world, just know that it is no more than play and entertainment. And that is what entertainment is. to distract us from doing something more important. Obviously, a small dose of entertainment is nothing wrong. But we must be a police to ourselves. By surveying what's best to enjoy with and what's not. 

Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you. (1)
Until you visit the graveyards. (2)
No! You are going to know. (3)
You will surely see hellfire. (4)
Then you will surely see the eye of certainty. (5).
Then you will surely be asked that day about pleasure. (6)

As stated in the surah At-Takasur, the worldly life will actually diverts us from our true paths. The scary part is when we can't control ourselves and let money and pleasure diverts us from the remembrance of Allah. Allah has established the point where by having money and pleasure, it should be by all means to remember Allah. 

This surah sincerely  reminded how awful the Day of Judgement would be if we are not ready with our amal. Nothing else would be useful, not even money which can buy so many things on earth. We will be asked on everything we've done. 

This dunya is a place of test for those who are wealthy and poor.

This dunya will test you how frequent we are in seeking His forgiveness.

The final question will be, are you ready to answer for all you've done?

Let's fill our hearts with spiritual needs and decrease the worldly chase. You and me.

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