Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mini reunion.

Hello there. Happy eid mubarak! It has been awhile. Holiday is weeping away. Alhamdulillah, yesterday I was able to meet my highschool friends and one of my matriculation friend. It was a mini reunion. A small raya open house was held at my home. It was an unexpected plan. I planned on Thursday, and walla... An open house on Friday.

Unexpected planned things usually end up great don't they...

Welcome to my humble garden.

Fried popia anyone? :)

Shockingly 3 of my guests came up one hour earlier. I was overwhelmed to prepare everything as soon as possible. Adik's friends came too which made it more crowded. My house was crowded enough for my friends and with my Adik's friends it made it super cramped like tunas in cans. Oh well, as long as the main objective was to meet up after a long time.

With one of my matriculation friend, which is to my right Atiqah Ku Daud and her highschool friend.

I do realise now how much I've missed them. I guess highschool friends are the only ones that will just be there with you thick and thin through all sort of circumstances we are facing. I've realised too that they're the ones that have spent the most time with me. 5 years in school. That's no joke. That's a long time. As I move on in life I do see how sincere people are in friendship. Not all matters. But some people are just passing by our lives for the sake of passing by. And only those that truly understands our true self will stay with us. The world can just be cruel like that. 

Chinese girls.

Highschool buddies.

I'm really grateful to have these great buddies. Everyone is running on their on pace now. With their own life. It's quite sad, though to not be able to meet them frequently already. Deep down, I do know how much this friendship really meant. It is one precious rope to hold on. And the most important thing would be how well we stay together. Stay in touch. I might have thousands of friends but I'll always stay happy with these people. Let things just stay as it is, sometimes. My highschool friends are just awesome as it is. I might not have them everyday but I can just continue meeting them annually. Need to buckle up and face the wild and crazy world.  I love you people so much!!! Stay in touch dears <3

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