One day one juzu' (ODOZ)

"One day one juzu'? I could hardly finish 2 pages per day"......

"I don't even have time to sleep and to read one juzu' which equals to 20 pages? No thank you." .....

Sounds lengthy huh?

Fear not. Follow the following steps and insyaallah you can do it!

4 pages after Subuh.
4 pages after Zuhr.
4 pages after Asr.
4 pages after Maghrib.
4 pages after Isya'.

4pages X 5 = 20 pages. And alhamdulillah within one day you can complete one juzu' insyaallah. But why one juzu'? Simple enough, it is to remind us to remember Allah all the time because note that, those who remember Allah will find their heart at ease. 

So, jump start today and give it a try! And try to istiqomah. It might be hard at the first try but believe me, I've gone through that phase and you'll be sure not to regret this. Better something than nothing. =)

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