Silent hour.

How many years have you been a Muslim?

What have you done to contribute to the ummah?

These two questions have been lingering in my mind these few days. Some may say, yeah I'm a Muslim since birth. But how many years have you actually practicing the true teaching of Islam? I'm far from a pious woman though these two questions do make me think numerous time. What have I actually done for the past years? Enjoying the worldly live for fun? Chasing fame? Contribution? Nothing?

After spending some time reading, and pondering to space, I believe Allah has made me to reflect back on these deadly questions. That moment when we have that dilemma in understanding yourself and Islam, I just knew that we just needed that silent hour.

An hour for yourself.  And with Allah.

Do some reflections.

Pray for His Guidance.

Believe it that He is always there for us to get back to the right path. Leave jahiliyah for the sake of Allah. Indeed Allah is the most Merciful. Pray. Non. Stop. Allah is Ya Rahman. Ya Rahim. Allah... Rely only to Allah...

The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely . [Surah al-Anfal verse 2]

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