Spend some time to just, listen.

From what I've observed nowadays, people love to talk non-stop to others, gossiping, and also back biting. In normal daily conversation, the reality is that we expect people to listen to our problems or what have been happening to you for the past few days.

As the quote goes..

I'll share a short story as an analogy. One fine day at dawn, a young boy was walking saw a scene of a galaxy of starfish stranded on the beach. At the same time when the young boy was wandering at the deserted beach, he saw an elderly man in a distance, bending towards the ground and throwing starfish abandoned on the sand by the tide, back into the sea. When the young boy gets close to the elderly man, he asked, why did he worked so hard on such a strange task. The elderly man replied, the heat from the sun could dry out the starfish and they will die. How foolish it was to do such a task, the young boy said. There were thousands of starfish on miles and miles of the beach. One man alone can never make a difference. The elderly man smiled as he picked up the next starfish and said but it makes a difference to this one!

So, what I'm trying to say from this short story is, sometimes when we get so busy with our daily life and just couldn't care less for others. People gets grumpy with you. You too get croaky.

Care to spend some time? Why not? Seriously, why not? Let's take a pause from talking and take time to listen to others in order to understand them for good. Indirectly you are giving a helping hand to solve your friends problem. Just, by listening. Interesting isn't? Believe me, you'll know so much more. Do a good deed today and be a good listener. Talk less, listen more.

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