Wilujeng sumping to Bandung. [Day 3]

Energy charged. Third day in Bandung. Rise and shine. I can't believe that it is our last day here. Feeling bitter as soon as I woke up. We packed our bags early to prepare for our flight later in the evening. Our trip to the Angklung centre took us more than two hours thanks to the heavy traffic jam. It was dreadful. I pity my friend, Aghni that was driving. He look exhausted. As soon as we arrived at Udjo, we spread out to look for souvenirs. Had lunch at Pasar Baru and went shopping for one hour plus. And straight to the airport. That was it.

Took another memorable photos with my Indonesian friends. I realized how much knowledge and love I've gained throughout this Bandung getaway. These friends thought me the true teaching of Islam. Praying on time no matter where you are. Travelling? No problem. As I can see that, Allah is always the number one priority to them. I'm touched to see how far they've made it. I was taken aback on how frequent they do sadaqah to others too. There's so much gain than pain within this short visit. I was overwhelmed. I'm impressed with their unending kindness in celebrating guests. Alhamdulillah. All thanks to Allah.

I was highly affected with their kindness. I believe that this friendship is so precious that I hope it stay forever till jannah insyaallah. I managed to change my perspective on seeing people nowadays. Learn to appreciate. and live life to the maximum. Time is so precious that, you should just move on with those that makes you remember Allah always. With this mini getaway to Bandung, I hope to see the world with an improved attitude. Lastly, I'd like to thanks my parents for allowing me to go and Kak Hidayah - my travel buddy. Also, to my Indonesian friends, you've given us too much. May Allah bless each one of you.

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