Wilujeng sumping to Bandung. [Day 1]

Two months ago... I had this desire to visit Bandung, Indonesia after having a chat with one of my Indonesian friend - Adam whom I knew from the ICER programme when I was one of the secretariat. Then, I had this crazy idea, why not? I told my mom regarding this but then she was thinking I was joking. And I'm like, yeah where on earth am I going to get the money for the whole trip expenses. As time goes on, I've even thought of selling off my camera. But then it didn't work out. In the end, one month before I finally decided to use up my savings a little. Because I wouldn't know when will the time again to have this opportunity to meet them again.

I had to to go to Bandung this very holiday I decided. Once I want something, I'll earn it fairly. And I met that very first step to invite an accompany - my ex-roomate who knew Indonesian friends, two years ago. She didn't reply straight away. I hate waiting. After several days of torture, waiting for her answer which I knew would be a huge NO, I finally decided to invite my friend's sister - Kak Hidayah whom I knew since elementary school. Alhamdulillah, within a few hours she decided to follow me. Honestly, if she didn't want to follow me, I'll seriously just go ALONE travelling to Bandung with high hopes nothing will happen. *brave face*

After booking the flight tickets, I had several discussions with my Indonesian friends on how it will be there and so on. It was quite hard to communicate sometimes though since sometimes I just don't get what they write but what's most important is that I had these great feelings that everything is just going to be okay. My mom was asking me so many questions. And I started to get worried as time gets by. Since they didn't reply as frequent and as fast I've wanted them too. Yeah, as if I have nothing else than facing the internet daily. I was that bored.

But, alhamdulillah. As time draws by... I just can't believe the date actually came. On Sunday dated 10th August 2014, Kak Hidayah came by my home at midnight since we have an early flight to catch at 6.50 a.m. thus we had a long chit chat until 3 a.m. By 3.40 a.m. we had a slow drive to KLIA2. A new airport to me to visit. It was just so tiring to wait for the baggage drop line. I was just bearing it to get over it with. And I had another long wait for the flight. I just dislike waiting. When the announcement for the boarding was announced, my heart trembled with joy. 

The flight to Bandung took us 2 hours. 

Bandung time zone was one hour late than Malaysia. I had a weak disorientation at first to adapt though. As we touched down, I had one problem which I'd love to forget it and bring it to grave that awful memory which only those was there to witness it will know. Nerve wrecking experience. It was a lesson indeed. Thank you Allah for the patience I had. After meeting Aghni, we had late breakfast at a nearby shop of the airport. And by noon we reached my Indonesian friends dorm. It was just so thrilling to meet them. Honestly, I was speechless at first. I've missed them too much.

We were introduced to some other Indonesian girls which are their university friends. I get along well and had a great laughter and full belly with them. Later in the evening we decided to go to the campus. By motorcycle!  A girls short outing with motorcycle. Like seriously. The best experience ever to stroll around get to know a city better. See everything close by. It was awesome. We were brought to see the faculties and buildings around Universitas Padjajaran (UNPAD). The campus was surrounded with mountains. The weather was so chilling and amusing. Mountain breeze was really refreshing. 

On the motorcycle to the campus.

With Kak Hidayah

One of the faculty.

View of the mountain from the campus.

The route inside the campus.

Two things about Bandung is that we had to enjoy the food and shopping. We were brought along to taste the cemilan (snacks) all the way. In UNPAD, they even have fresh milk for sale. It's cheap too. Outside UNPAD, there's a lot of food stalls which sells an array of food choices specially from Bandung like Seblak, Pisang Ijo and Batagor. Time passes by quite slow in a matter of a fact in Bandung. We went back quickly to their dorms since the clouds were envying our evening walk. By night we drove up Caringin Tilu to witness the picturesque view of Bandung. The night view was breathtaking. Kak Hidayah said it looked exactly like the view in Paris. I guess that's why Bandung is called Paris Van Java. 

It was very chilly. 

Paris Van Java.

With Nurul, Kak Hidayah and Aghni.

Full moon. 

We had a great supper up there with the night breeze and enjoyed the amazing view. With the beautiful view of the full moon, everything seems so perfect. Something so memorable. It shall be cherished in my heart forever. Thus after an hour, we head down back to town. The journey was a swirly way down but we made it and slept soundly as we reached our so-called dorm. It has been a long story on the first day. I'll stop for now and continue the 2nd and 3rd day story tomorrow. Stay put and wait for the memories I'll share with you guys. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for this opportunity. See you on the next post! 

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