Wilujeng sumping to Bandung. [Day 2]

We woke up the next day as early as 5 a.m.. We had to had an early shoot to the destination to reach early. Morning breakfast was just by the roadside where we had Nasi Kuning which is yellow rice with egg (or fried chicken as an alternative) plus some crackers. The journey to go up the Tangkuban Perahu mountain took almost two hours or more. Since Bandung has very narrow roads with numerous cars and motorcycle, the weekdays will always be facing traffic jams. Awful ones.

Anyways, we talked a lot with our new met Indonesian friends and had lots of laughter together in the car. The journey up the somewhat is something that I could fully relate with Kundasang, Sabah. Curvy roads. It resembles a lot. One thing that differs is only the weather in Bandung is less chilly than Kundasang. Nevertheless, both places gives my mind at ease. Alhamdulillah.

Finally we reached Ciater spa resort. Strolled around to see the greenery's. We planned for a water-rafting session and hot spring swimming. After Zuhr prayer, we gathered around for a brief explanation from the people in charge and started wearing our safety gears. I can't believe how excited we were until we started entering the river. It was exciting for a first timer like me. I didn't even do water rafting in Malaysia and I'm actually doing it in Indonesia. Oh my. Thrilled to the max!

Serenity at Ciater spa resort.

We-fie with my Indonesian friends.

The water rafting was not that extreme but fun enough for me. We then head back to the main center to swim at the Kiara hot spring pool. I was feeling excited to swim at first but then I regretted that I swam normally. Like duh.. It was freaking hot. What was I thinking. It was a HOT SPRING POOL. So I decided to just stay laid back and relax my feet and stopped swimming like normally in a normal pool. We cleansed ourselves up after that and had a nice chat and relaxed for awhile to enjoy the scenic view of the mountains.

Kiara hot spring pool.

Pineapples and bananas for sale by the roadside. 

Tea plantation.

We prepared ourselves to go back down to Bandung and stopped by the roadside food stall for lunch where you can eat and at the same time be amazed with the tea plantation scenery. I chose sate Kelinci (rabbit satay) for my lunch and others chose ayam panggang (grilled chicken). It was scrumptious and exquisite. After eating, we drove again and somehow stopped by again by the roadside to taste one of the famous cemilan (snacks) in bandung - Surabi. By night time, we took a break for prayer at a nearby mosque. Later on, we toured a mall in Alun Alun. Not to forget the ghost house we walked in. I hesitated at first since I was not a fan of ghost stories, what more to enter a ghost house. But I heroically entered with my hands grabbing my friends shoulders. I completed the ghost house tour with a scream at the end. Typical me. But it was entertaining though. That destination ended our second day getaway to Bandung. Exhausted at the end. Went back to the dorm. Slept straight away after a cold shower. That's it. Stay tuned. Third day posting, here I come.

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