She is different.

I'm going to do a short write-up on a video I recently watched preached by mufti Menk. Powerful words to be shared.

So, who is She?
Why is she so different?
She is a believing female.

.....But what makes her a believing female?

A believing female is FOCUSED.
Focus upon the pleasure of Allah.
Focus upon the ULTIMATE goal she wants --> JANNAH
She knows that life is temporary.

So it is important for us to prepare for the day we are going to meet Allah s.w.t.

Whatever you do, question yourself frequently.

Will this please my Maker?
Will this earn the pleasure of my Maker?
Will it t cause the wrath of my Maker?

Ask yourself everyday!

Stay FOCUS in gaining JANNAH.
Stay FOCUS in achieving the pleasure Allah.
Because that is what make us different from the others who are focused on the worldly life.
Because that is the prime mission for us to be created.

When you are in despair,
When you are given some sickness,
Just believe,
That Allah truly loves you.
When you believe that Allah loves you, nothing else matter.
Believe in the mercy of Allah.

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