Zinnirah: A shimmering star in the darkness.


Recently, I listened to a talk about Zinnirah, a shimmering star in the darkness. So who is Zinnirah? In brief, she is a woman from Rome. She was a slave that was on sale and was eventually sold to a man at a very cheap price. Despite the slave title, her love towards Islam was inevitable. Day by day, her understanding towards Islam thickens and she practices Islam in secret from the knowledge of her owner. However, with the permission of Allah her owner found out she reverted to Islam and he was furious. Since that time of life where Muslims were never accepted, Zinnirah was tortured horrendously where her eyes were stabbed with an iron causing her to go blind. Although she was treated in that way, her faith strengthen tremendously.

To come to the point where Muslims in the past were tortured physically but they stand strong with their faith towards Allah s.w.t. How amazing it is. But now, when we think that we are not tortured physically, bear in mind that indirectly we are actually attacked with ideology problems. And how do we overcome this? We could refer from the story of Zinnirah and make it a lesson.

1. Strengthen your aqidah

Back in the past when Zinnirah were tortured with the iron that challenged her endurance and faith. Now, we are facing the social conditioning for example the media social is always pestering us with the mentality of we have to be beautiful to be accepted in the community and only feel happy if we afford to have certain things. This dangerous conditioning may enslave our soul. This means that we are caring more about what others think rather than pleasing what Allah asks us to do.

Conclusion: Do not be a puppet that follows what others say.

2. Dare to go against the tide - Be brave to speak the truth.

3. A test by Allah should enhance your faith towards Him.

As a conclusion, we must believe in Allah. Always take some time to think about the greatness of His creation and events. If we are not smart enough, we will be influenced with the social conditioning. Many do not see the beauty of the road towards heaven due to the jahiliyah in ourselve. Thus, look back to His guidance. Revive your love towards Allah.

Bear in mind that Allah do not look on your looks or even wealth. What matters most is your level of taqwa. May Allah forgives all of our sins and bestow His guidance to everyone in this world.

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